Wastewater Treatment Products

Packings and supporting products for waste water treatment systems.


Empaques y productos relacionados para sistemas de tratamiento de agua residual.


Trickling Filter Media and Products


Dura-Pac®   PVC Trickling Filter Media

      Dura-Dek®  Protective Grating

            Dura-Dek® Photos 

      Dura-Pier® Support System

            Dura-Pier® Photos



Bio-Pac® SF30 Random Trickling Filter Media 


Sessil®  Trickling Filter Media 

     Sessil® Installations


Additional Products


Kontakt®  MBBR Media                                                     


Kompakt® Structural Media 


3.5” Bio-Ring® Random Packing


3.5” Bio-Pac® data sheet


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Bio-Pac® SF30




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